Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Photo Shoot!!

  Now that I stay home with Reese I love to have fun little photo shoot days! Right before we had her we bought this fancy Nikon dslr camera & I was going to be the best photographer! I was going to take all her pictures & we'd never have to spend a dime on pictures! Well let me tell ya that hasnt happened... I RARELY use my camera... Its just not convenient & honestly I think its just intimidating! So Im ashamed to say probably 90% of the pics I take are on my phone... Sad, I know. But I always have my phone & Its alot handier! Anyway, so heres her 21 month old photo shoot... They didnt turn out exactly what I had in mind but...
 "I look ridiculous mom" ... Haha! She cant say that yet but Im sure thats what she was thinking!! Time to break out the fruit snacks!!
Then we had a little fun! 
She is such a stinker! Look at those little teeth :)
And ya gotta love the black & white!! :) 

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