Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Everly's Nursery

Well my baby is now 3 weeks old & I realized... I never shared the final nursery! 
So... Here it is! 
I didnt really have a "theme." I guess you could say its just girly... Maybe a little vintage :) 
The bedding is the same I had for Reese when she was a baby. 
And yes all of this will be removed when she acually starts sleeping in her crib, right now she sleeps in our room... 
My ladder shelf for storage... 
And a headband holder I made out if an oatmeal can (I needed to make about 6 of these with having 2 girls!) Gotta have our accessories :) 
The rocking chair was a gift from my family & the quilt was also a gift my sister in law gave me, both when I had Reese, so I passed it along to use for Everly. 
I wasnt sad when I found out we were having another girl because I had so much cute stuff, this way I get to use it all again! 
Trunks for storage... I had to spruce them up a bit to go with the nursery. Someday I'll get around to that post! 
Her little ultrasound picture :) Look at those cheeks! 

Lampshade I painted... 
Storage baskets to hang on the wall above the dresser/changing table. These came from World Market, as well as the little chalkboards. I just painted those as well to match the lampshade :) 

Remember this dresser from forever ago!?! Well about 3 days before I had Everly I decided to take it out of the dining room & repaint it... Talk about nesting! 
One of our maternity pictures I hung in her room... 
Sorry this ones blurry :( 

An old laundry basket I found at an antique mall to store stuffed animals in. 
And a bow holder I also made (Im still working on that post!) 

I love her little nursery & am satisfied with the way it turned out. Its just a pretty little room :) 
Thanks as always for looking! 

Kelly :) 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

She's Here!

 Im about 10 days late posting this, but life is a little different now! Meet Everly Claire...
She was born May 9th at 2:17pm. She weighed 8lbs 12ozs & was 20 &1/2". And looks almost identical to her sister (who absolutely loves her!)  

My labor was a breeze! Three pushes & she was out! I was to be induced at 7am, but I went in around 1:30am because my contractions were about 8 min apart. I was already dilated to 4cm, & my contractions were never very strong. At 7cm I still was in no pain, but went ahead & got an epidural. The nurse said if I waited too much longer she'd be afraid it would be too late to get one. Had I known it would've only taken 3 pushes, I may have skipped the epidural! They broke my water around 8am & she was born at 2:17pm. 
We got to bring her home on Mothers Day :) 

Its been an adjustment with 2 now... Luckily my mom is here, she has been a huge help! Now that Everly's about 10 days old I'm getting my energy back & she slept from around 10:30pm last night until about 2:30am. I dont feel like such a zombie with a schedule like that! Im sure it'll get easier as time goes on :) And Ill try to be better about posting pics :) 
And one last one...
Reese is on the left & Everly on the right

Thanks as always for looking! 
Kelly :) 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Almost time!

  I had my 39 week dr appt today. They did an ultrasound to estimate how big our baby girl is getting. She is approx 8lbs 13ozs, above 90th percentile so they will go ahead & induce on Friday (they would've done it tomorrow but they were already full for inductions.) But she really doesnt think I'll make it until Friday! She also checked me today & I am dilated between a 3 & 4 & alot lower than last week. 
  Poor baby is so squished in there, she is running out of room. We didnt get very good pictures today because she's so squished. 
  You can kind of make out a little face on there. 
And one of my last belly pictures... 
I'm at a grand total of 21lbs, even though I feel a heck of a lot bigger than that! 

I cant believe little Everly will be here soon! Cant wait to hold her :)