Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Everly's Nursery

Well my baby is now 3 weeks old & I realized... I never shared the final nursery! 
So... Here it is! 
I didnt really have a "theme." I guess you could say its just girly... Maybe a little vintage :) 
The bedding is the same I had for Reese when she was a baby. 
And yes all of this will be removed when she acually starts sleeping in her crib, right now she sleeps in our room... 
My ladder shelf for storage... 
And a headband holder I made out if an oatmeal can (I needed to make about 6 of these with having 2 girls!) Gotta have our accessories :) 
The rocking chair was a gift from my family & the quilt was also a gift my sister in law gave me, both when I had Reese, so I passed it along to use for Everly. 
I wasnt sad when I found out we were having another girl because I had so much cute stuff, this way I get to use it all again! 
Trunks for storage... I had to spruce them up a bit to go with the nursery. Someday I'll get around to that post! 
Her little ultrasound picture :) Look at those cheeks! 

Lampshade I painted... 
Storage baskets to hang on the wall above the dresser/changing table. These came from World Market, as well as the little chalkboards. I just painted those as well to match the lampshade :) 

Remember this dresser from forever ago!?! Well about 3 days before I had Everly I decided to take it out of the dining room & repaint it... Talk about nesting! 
One of our maternity pictures I hung in her room... 
Sorry this ones blurry :( 

An old laundry basket I found at an antique mall to store stuffed animals in. 
And a bow holder I also made (Im still working on that post!) 

I love her little nursery & am satisfied with the way it turned out. Its just a pretty little room :) 
Thanks as always for looking! 

Kelly :) 

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