Thursday, October 24, 2013

We're having a baby!!

   I hope you are all doing great! Me- I have been a terrible, terrible blogger! I no longer have a creative bone in my body! I havent worked on a thing, lifted a paint brush or hot glue gun or whatever it was in MONTHS!! I promise I'll be crafty again, but right now all my energy has been sucked away, but I have a good excuse... We're having a baby!! 
I had to hold it in for what seemed like FOREVER!!! We went to the dr for our 1st appointment & then just told our immediate family, but told them not to tell until we went back 2 weeks later for another appointment, just to be safe.
 I guess we wanted to be double sure before we announced it, anyone who has ever lost a baby- (or 2 for us) each time its more & more difficult to tell) I felt like if I told too soon I would jinx it or something,so enough about that...  here's our little peanut...
 8 weeks, 6 days.... The heartbeat was 172- they said everything looked great & my due date is May 14th...
 Reese seems pretty excited, the sonographer even gave her her own little copy of the ultrasound to carry around. She'll point to my tummy & say baby, now whether or not she's excited once its here, we'll see!! 
We had a little photo shoot... 
So we finally announced it at 11 weeks! 
My 2nd dr appt they said everything looked perfect & the heartbeat was 170 this time. The dr has me coming every 2 weeks for now, just for piece of mind :) which is fine with me, I couldnt handle waiting a month, at least in the beginning!
I am going to have to get a better photographer (sorry Will) for my belly pictures though... 
He tried ;) 
He redeemed himself a few days later on our anniversary... 
Every pregnant womans dream!! He did good :) 
Do I have any idea what we're having? 
No way, not at all, the heartbeat is right on with what Reese's was, either way I dont care, Im just blessed to have another!
My cravings so far have been popcorn, golden grahams(which I never eat) and root beer ( I craved root beer with Reese too, havent had a root beer since I was pregnant with her) 
Ive been sick just a few times, always when Im brushing my teeth, Its just been so different this time around because Im not working as much, so Im not inhaling my meals in between clients. I just kinda snack all day & not much really sounds good, Ill have a yogurt, then an hour later I'll have string cheese, then a salad, etc & Ill eat all day long. With Reese I was like BIG MAC!! NOW!! And then 3 hours later I was eating a footlong sub, blizzard almost every night(because it was summer & I was miserable) So maybe my eating habits have had something to do with feeling better! 
So thats all for now, looks like my crafting/project blog will turn into a pregnancy blog for a little while, but Im still dying to get that piece painted for my dining room ;) 
Thank you all for reading!! 


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Adventures In Bed Shopping

  Ok, my luck lately... Im going to write this again because somehow I erased the last one, so this ones going to be short & sweet :) 
 I had to share this one... Basically we've been shopping for a bed for awhile now. Our daughter is now in a full size bed, we put our queen in the guest bedroom & now we have a king. By the way after 3 years of marriage we both slept all night without having to wake up saying "move over, your hogging the bed!" (For those of you that don't know my husband, he is 6'5 & sleeps diagonal!!) Then every once in awhile ya get a toddler in there with ya who likes to sleep sideways... Its a pretty eventful night for all! 
So today on our final mattress venture, we actually made a purchase (Even though my husband says he hates to shop, he always wants to go & he never wants to buy, so that just means we have to do more shopping!) 
So, we get the mattress all loaded up in the truck (let me clarify... He) He loaded & strapped down the mattresses. And we're off, Im so happy, FINALLY, this dreaded bed shopping is half over with! I knew the headboard I wanted, well he decided he didnt want that one, "cant ya just make one" Um no, I paint, I dont build... 
That was our little arguement as we're cruising down I-40, when (oh ya, you guessed it) crap! The mattress just blew out of the truck (as he's watching it in the rearview, a semi runs it over) Are you freaking kidding me?!? That did not just happen!! So much for "oh ya, its not going anywhere" when I specifically asked him, "Is it tied down good?" 
So, here we are on I-40 (which is a major interstate that goes like halfway across the U.S 4-5 lanes of traffic, hundreds of cars, you get the idea) 
Oh & may I also add this was the point when he says..."I told ya we should've had it delivered!" SAY WHAAAAA!! I recall no moment of the words deliver... Ever, Because God forbid we might spend another $10 for delivery?!? 
And there is our brand new mattress, on I-40!! Run over by a semi... 
Well then we get pulled over, back up somewhat closer to the mattress, he says stay in the car, do not get out! So what else is there to do but take a few pics of this memorable moment...
Oh ya! And even better! He had his camo pants on too, now we really looked classy... No wonder nobody stopped to help -haha!! 
Never a dull moment!! 
I will say these few things though... A) Thank God no one got hurt, B) the flying mattress didnt cause a wreck & C) the mattress we bought was the cheapest one we could find (of course) and it was run over by a semi, and the only thing wrong with it was a scuff on the corner, not a loose nothing, not a busted spring, just a little road rash (its a Serta by the way)
After all that excitement we needed a nap! 
So, that was our weekend, what did you all do?? 

**(I am in no way getting endorsed by Serta for this... This is all true stuff... I couldn't make this up!)