Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Evie's "Olaf"

     HERE IS MY DIY VERSION OF          
        OLAF FROM FROZEN.... 

   I guess as long as my kids are 
     little I want their Halloween costumes to coordinate with one   
    another (while I still can!) So since Reese is going to be Elsa, Im 
    going to have Evie be Olaf :) 
  The Olaf costumes that I found in her size were VERY expensive! 
  Either that or sold out in her size! So I thought, well I can make      
  something, after all Olaf is just a snowman right?!? So what I did   
  was bought a fleece onesie (just a Carter's brand from Kohl's.)
already had a variety pack of felt,  
   & I bought a pack of brown pipe cleaners. I cut out the buttons, 
   thats easy enough, & hot glued them on. You could also sew them 
   on, but I decided no more than this outfit was, its not a big deal if 
   she only wears it once. It's just like most of her other clothes  
   anyway... Wear it once, next thing ya know she's outgrown it! 
   Anyway, I then cut out all my other shapes for the face. For the 
   carrot nose I cut out a cone shape...
Rolled it up & hot glued the seam. I stuffed it with pillow stuffing to make sure it would stand up good. 
And this is what I have for the rest of it... 
Cut out some circles for the eyes..
I just used felt for everything... 

Then you attach it to the costume,  
   I used hot glue for everything except the pipe cleaners, I just put 
   a few stiches in to hold them down good & I put a few stiches in 
   the nose. 
I cant get her to sit still long enough to get a great picture, but you get the idea :) 
Thats one proud papa right there!

Here's some better ones of "Olaf" ... Not so much of "Elsa" though ;) 

I think it turned out pretty cute &    
    cost me about $15.00... 
I also made her a cloud out of  
    balloons and then cut out shapes of snowflakes hanging from 
    the "cloud." Well... I did not take one picture of the cloud at all... No  
    during, no after... Not a single one! We didnt even end up using it 
    either due to the weather :( 
 Hey, its the thought that counts 

Thanks as always for stopping by- 

          Kelly :) 

Monday, November 17, 2014

My Favorite Room


     I am so excited to share this    
       with y'all today! This is my          
   absolute most favorite favorite   
           part of the house! 
            This room took 
     me weeks & I mean (I never   
    thought it would end) weeks!! 

     And technically I'm still not    
   done because I still need to do   
    the staircase- but that doesnt   
           count right now ;) 

         So... Remember this... 
              The oak was     
         never ending. Crown   
   moulding, trim, cabinets, blinds, 
        doors, floor, fireplace,  
   staircase, etc etc- and where 
       would it end?!? This was   
      going to be a huge project! 

     When we looked at the house  
  my immediate plans were to paint   
        the panels & stain the   
    fireplace darker to make it pop. 
(Sorry about the light... These were the pictures taken when we came to look at the house.)
     Then after we got in here I debated... Was I ready to take on       
             this project?!? 

Well I'm glad I did... 

It was such a mess along the way...
But SO worth it in the end!! 
     This entire room was all done with paint including the fireplace     
      surround. I have had a few people ask me if we tore out the 
      old tile... Nope! Just some good ol' paint! 

 Its amazing how a little paint can make such a huge difference!


     I'll break it up in more detail   
  about how I did everything along    
    the way, but for now... I had to 
   share the finished product :) 

    Thanks as always for looking!!
                Kelly :)