Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Evie's "Olaf"

     HERE IS MY DIY VERSION OF          
        OLAF FROM FROZEN.... 

   I guess as long as my kids are 
     little I want their Halloween costumes to coordinate with one   
    another (while I still can!) So since Reese is going to be Elsa, Im 
    going to have Evie be Olaf :) 
  The Olaf costumes that I found in her size were VERY expensive! 
  Either that or sold out in her size! So I thought, well I can make      
  something, after all Olaf is just a snowman right?!? So what I did   
  was bought a fleece onesie (just a Carter's brand from Kohl's.)
already had a variety pack of felt,  
   & I bought a pack of brown pipe cleaners. I cut out the buttons, 
   thats easy enough, & hot glued them on. You could also sew them 
   on, but I decided no more than this outfit was, its not a big deal if 
   she only wears it once. It's just like most of her other clothes  
   anyway... Wear it once, next thing ya know she's outgrown it! 
   Anyway, I then cut out all my other shapes for the face. For the 
   carrot nose I cut out a cone shape...
Rolled it up & hot glued the seam. I stuffed it with pillow stuffing to make sure it would stand up good. 
And this is what I have for the rest of it... 
Cut out some circles for the eyes..
I just used felt for everything... 

Then you attach it to the costume,  
   I used hot glue for everything except the pipe cleaners, I just put 
   a few stiches in to hold them down good & I put a few stiches in 
   the nose. 
I cant get her to sit still long enough to get a great picture, but you get the idea :) 
Thats one proud papa right there!

Here's some better ones of "Olaf" ... Not so much of "Elsa" though ;) 

I think it turned out pretty cute &    
    cost me about $15.00... 
I also made her a cloud out of  
    balloons and then cut out shapes of snowflakes hanging from 
    the "cloud." Well... I did not take one picture of the cloud at all... No  
    during, no after... Not a single one! We didnt even end up using it 
    either due to the weather :( 
 Hey, its the thought that counts 

Thanks as always for stopping by- 

          Kelly :) 

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