Saturday, February 15, 2014


  So now that we've FINALLY agreed on a name I can get on with the fun stuff with the nursery!! 

I saw these letters at a store here in town & I went home & told my husband, ok we need to hurry up & make a decision because I NEEDED this in the nursery!! It was perfect! So after a couple days the agreement was I got the first name & he gets the middle name... Agreed... On one condition... Her middle name can't begin with "G" then her initials would be EGG. 
Anyway, so EVERLY it is!! He says he's not calling her Everly though, he will call her Evie... Which is great too!! Im just glad we've finally got it figured out & now I can relax about it... Haha! I'm such a planner, I couldn't wait until she's here to decide! 

Here's a few pics of what is done so far :) 

Kelly :) 

Ladder Shelf Redo

 This is just a quick little project I did, part of getting the nursery ready.... 
I've had this handy little ladder shelf a long time & its been great for storage & display. I had painted it tan the last time (I believe this is the third time Ive painted it... Maybe fourth) Anyway... So in the nursery Im doing more of a gray theme, so I decided it needed painted again! 
Here it is in Reese's room... 

So I stole it out of her room to put in the baby's room. I need the storage in the baby's room more then Reese needs it (for diapers & such) Plus Reese has a dresser in her room & I dont have room in the baby's room for a dresser since we need to keep the bed in there for guests. 
Luckily we do have great closets that we dont necessarily need a dresser. I'll show all that when I do get the nursery done, for now... Back to the ladder shelf!! 
  So, all I did was used the Annie Sloan chalk paint in French Linen (one of my favs!!) Brushed it on, took no time at all & Voila!! Im very happy with the way it turned out! And it goes great in the nursery :) 

Here's a before & after for better comparison :) 

Kelly :) 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

27 weeks

   WOW! Where have I been!?! Has a month really gone by?!? I have been busy, surprisingly, this time of year is usually boring, catch-up time... But it is seriously February already!! So I have alot of catching up to do!! 
   Well first of all I am now 27 weeks (crazy!) I don't know how its going by SO fast! Possibly because I have a 2 year old keeping me busy this time around. I only have 13 weeks left! Next week I will be in my 3rd trimester... Holy cow!! 
   At my dr appt last week everything is going good! Heartbeat was 145 & she was rolling around in there like crazy! I am measuring a week ahead, which really doesnt mean anything yet, I usually measured 2 weeks ahead with Reese. I have gained 13 lbs so far, which doesnt seem like much to me considering I gained almost 50 with Reese! Im hoping I dont swell like I did my 1st pregnancy. And I will say it is much nicer being pregnant this time of year than during the summer! 
   Anyway, so the baby this week is about the length of a cucumber (15 in) & weighs about 2 & 1/4lbs. Im really feeling alot if kicks & movement & I can actually see my stomach moving at times. Reese is pretty much obsessed with the baby & she lifts up my shirt all the time & says "baby come out?" I wonder what she'll be like when she gets here....
Cravings lately have been caramel!! Salted caramel especially! Starbucks has a wonderful caramel drink with sea salt on top- oh my!! 
  We are still "debating" on the name... Im in love with Everly, my husband, not so much :( We would call her Evie, which he does like that, so we'll see if there is anything else we can come up with. Our other top names were Hallie, Elsie, & he said yesterday he liked Piper. I know last time I said we had it narrowed down to two, but he keeps changing his mind. I just want to start personalizing the nursery & I've got my eye on these gorgeous letters for the wall! 
   So the last picture we took was at 24 weeks, So this is the most recent I have & its already 3 weeks old!! 
This belly photo session didnt turn out so well, but we are getting professional ones taken soon, so as long as Reese cooperates they will be much better :) 
   We've been working on the baby's room, it is painted & the crib is set up. But I have been going through all the clothes, blankets, etc & getting those organized. I got rid of most of my baby stuff when we moved, so Im trying to make a list of what I'll need to get yet. 
Its crazy to think Reese just wore those clothes not too long ago & now Im hanging them in baby sister's closet! 
And of course... My little helper... 

She likes to climb in there & play :) 
Thats all for now! Thanks as always for looking... 
Kelly :)