Saturday, February 15, 2014


  So now that we've FINALLY agreed on a name I can get on with the fun stuff with the nursery!! 

I saw these letters at a store here in town & I went home & told my husband, ok we need to hurry up & make a decision because I NEEDED this in the nursery!! It was perfect! So after a couple days the agreement was I got the first name & he gets the middle name... Agreed... On one condition... Her middle name can't begin with "G" then her initials would be EGG. 
Anyway, so EVERLY it is!! He says he's not calling her Everly though, he will call her Evie... Which is great too!! Im just glad we've finally got it figured out & now I can relax about it... Haha! I'm such a planner, I couldn't wait until she's here to decide! 

Here's a few pics of what is done so far :) 

Kelly :) 

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