Sunday, February 9, 2014

27 weeks

   WOW! Where have I been!?! Has a month really gone by?!? I have been busy, surprisingly, this time of year is usually boring, catch-up time... But it is seriously February already!! So I have alot of catching up to do!! 
   Well first of all I am now 27 weeks (crazy!) I don't know how its going by SO fast! Possibly because I have a 2 year old keeping me busy this time around. I only have 13 weeks left! Next week I will be in my 3rd trimester... Holy cow!! 
   At my dr appt last week everything is going good! Heartbeat was 145 & she was rolling around in there like crazy! I am measuring a week ahead, which really doesnt mean anything yet, I usually measured 2 weeks ahead with Reese. I have gained 13 lbs so far, which doesnt seem like much to me considering I gained almost 50 with Reese! Im hoping I dont swell like I did my 1st pregnancy. And I will say it is much nicer being pregnant this time of year than during the summer! 
   Anyway, so the baby this week is about the length of a cucumber (15 in) & weighs about 2 & 1/4lbs. Im really feeling alot if kicks & movement & I can actually see my stomach moving at times. Reese is pretty much obsessed with the baby & she lifts up my shirt all the time & says "baby come out?" I wonder what she'll be like when she gets here....
Cravings lately have been caramel!! Salted caramel especially! Starbucks has a wonderful caramel drink with sea salt on top- oh my!! 
  We are still "debating" on the name... Im in love with Everly, my husband, not so much :( We would call her Evie, which he does like that, so we'll see if there is anything else we can come up with. Our other top names were Hallie, Elsie, & he said yesterday he liked Piper. I know last time I said we had it narrowed down to two, but he keeps changing his mind. I just want to start personalizing the nursery & I've got my eye on these gorgeous letters for the wall! 
   So the last picture we took was at 24 weeks, So this is the most recent I have & its already 3 weeks old!! 
This belly photo session didnt turn out so well, but we are getting professional ones taken soon, so as long as Reese cooperates they will be much better :) 
   We've been working on the baby's room, it is painted & the crib is set up. But I have been going through all the clothes, blankets, etc & getting those organized. I got rid of most of my baby stuff when we moved, so Im trying to make a list of what I'll need to get yet. 
Its crazy to think Reese just wore those clothes not too long ago & now Im hanging them in baby sister's closet! 
And of course... My little helper... 

She likes to climb in there & play :) 
Thats all for now! Thanks as always for looking... 
Kelly :) 

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