Sunday, August 25, 2013

Striped Table

   I found this little table & chair set on Craigslist... It was cheap, so I didnt exactly know what I was going to do with it yet, but it was a deal & you know I cant pass up a deal!! 
It was pretty yucky :( 
I think the table is made of concrete because this is the heaviest table Ive ever moved! 
I painted it first... Kind of an antique white, then I left it for a few days, I thought I would make it all chippy white, but been there done that, how many chippy white tables do I need!?! And, because Im the most indecisive person ever- im not satisfied until Ive painted or stained something five times. 
So, I decided to stripe it! I did one wide stripe in the middle & two skinnier stripes on the sides. I just took my level & drew a faint line & taped off. 
But back up a minute... My inspiration was my dishtowels believe it or not! 
I had just a little bit of paint left that I planned on using (which of course I ran out after one stripe) so plan B- because of course Im doing this at 11:00pm & I couldnt possibly put it off until tomorrow, so I had to mix my own paint :( 
The stripe on the left is what I wanted it to be, but I ended up with a bluish-gray instead. Patience is not a trait I possess remember :( 
It still turned off cute though! I think It'd be a cute playroom table :) 
And a side by side...
Once I figure out what Im doing with it Ill show pics of it decorated... Oh ya- and the chairs! 
Thanks for looking! 
    Kelly :) 

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ready For Fall!

    I don't know about you, but I am ready for fall! I know its only August, and I anxiously await until Sept. 1st before I allow myself to bring out the fall decor. We got some landscaping done today (Ill post pics of that soon) and they said mums will be in next week... Yay! 
    Anyway, so I wanted to share just a cute & simple little project I did today to get ready for fall. 
    I bought these little fall colored candles 
And wrapped them in some burlap ribbon I bought at Hobby Lobby...
I decided the plain one needed a bow :)
... Just to dress it up a bit

That is all :) Don't mind my picture frame with no picture in it yet, I just found it at Goodwill yesterday & haven't got a picture in it yet! 
Thank you all for looking! 
        Kelly :) 

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Few More Baskets...

  Hi All! Hope you're all doing great! Just wanted to show ya a few more baskets Ive painted- trying to get caught up still! 
I didnt get much done last night because we went to Lubbock for some dressers I found on Craigslist. I'll be posting those soon, but for now...
Random little basket I had setting in the rummage sale pile... 
Nothing a little white spray paint to distress up a basket in a jif! 
Now Ive got a nice little place to store my k-cups :)
 And my laundry basket...
I have had this old thing forever! Im really surprised it hasnt fallen apart by now! Ive actually been on the hunt for a new laundry basket, but cant find one I like for the price I want to pay. I mean really, who wants to spend like over $10 on a laundry basket!?! 
So, while I was out in the garage one night I thought Oh ya, Ill just do my laundry basket like I did my Longaberger basket, remember this one?? 
I LOVED the way that one turned out!
Just spray it on & wait a few minutes & blot! I moved it out in the driveway to dry- the fumes were getting to me...ha! 
Another quick simple little update :) 

Now the only problem is Im still on the hunt for a new laundry basket, Ive fallen in love with this one all over again & have other plans for it :)
   As always, thanks for stopping by...
                     Kelly :) 

Dining room update

  YIKES!! I am so behind on posting-its ridiculous!! There has been so much going on & Ive done a few more cute things I dont even know where to begin! Lets just say there's been alot of midnight painting going on at this house.
  So, first thing- more on my dining room... Its not finished yet, but its close! And I at least have a vision now of what I want... Im just hoping that vision I have in my head turns out all right! So today Ill just show what Ive done so far & then a final reveal when its all done... Which will be never- no just kidding! So here's another before:

I decided to paint stripes on the wall... I had leftover paint that was kind of a gray/green, so I thought lets go for it! And I absolutely love stripes, I knew it was going to be a little harder on these walls than my last house because of the texture, but it actually was a lot easier.. Thats always a plus :)
To do the stripes, I measured the wall & divided that by the number of stripes I wanted (so my wall height was 88" & I wanted 7 stripes- so each of my stripes were 12 & 1/2) 
**TIP: to do this a lot faster make sure you leave the top & bottom stripe the existing color of the wall** 
The picture shows how I left my top & bottom stripes the base color
The hardest part of doing the stripes was making sure they were level. I have no attention span or patience with all that technical stuff, so I was ready to be done with that step asap!
 Once I got it all taped off it went fast. Also, don't let the stripes fool you... The lighter stripes in my picture look smaller because of the way the tape is. Needless to say the husband just might walk in & say " those aren't even" - so be prepared!! 
Now the big question!! My plan was to do stripes on the two walls in the dining room, well I stopped at one & my husband didnt like it, so I pondered...
Here's after I took the tape off... I liked it with one wall, but I wasnt sure about doing both, I didnt want over-kill. I asked my facebook friends what they thought- WOW! I have such awesome friends I got so many positive responses... 
Stripes on both walls? Stripes on one wall? Most of my friends said leave it how it is... One wall- but it was when my friend Nancy said "paint the other wall the  color of the darker stripe" ... Why did I not think of that!?! I think all the paint is getting to me, either that or it was because it was midnight & I could no longer function- that was the lightbulb moment! So that's what I did... Painted the other wall darker. Thanks again Nancy & all my other friends for the input :) 
Now... Fast forward about 2 weeks
This is how it looks for now, I got the mirror hung back up, and also notice the light!! YAY! $39.96 at Lowe's... Not bad considering the one I really wanted was $119.00! YIKES!
 I decided to get rid of that particular hutch I had & that little make- shift table deal is not staying, I just threw that up there for a visual. 
And you'll have to stay tuned for the after... (Which hopefully wont be too long)
 Thanks again friends! 
      Kelly :) 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reese's ABC Book

   ABC Photo Book

Hey All!! Hope you're all having a great week! I can't believe its almost Thursday already! This week & last have been so busy with company (don't get me wrong I love it) And Im already sad thinking about how lonely it's going to be around here after tomorrow :(  We have taken a bunch of pictures too & I'm already behind on my photo books as it is, so I need to get with the program!! Christmas is right around the corner & I love to give photobooks as gifts!! So I wanted to just share this one with ya quick, I made it for Reese right after I quit my job to stay home with her :) She LOVES this book, I think she thinks it's pretty cool that she can see herself in the book!

I just made this one at Shutterfly... Ive also used Snapfish & York Photo. I just keep an eye out for when they are on sale. This one was actually free (just had to pay shipping)  If you become a customer & order pics off of there every once in awhile they'll send you a code for a free photo book or magnet or whatever :)  It takes awhile to get all the photos organized how ya like them (If I would keep up on them better I wouldn't have to spend so much time all at once) But hey! I work better under pressure!! 
Thanks for looking & Hugs to all!!!!
Kelly :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

10 minute burlap pillow

  Hey friends!! I've been busy with more company this week & we've been running all over the place, so I havent had time to do many projects or blog! We have been out & done alot of shopping, so I had to share of course! There is a lot of cool shops in Amarillo, especially on old Route 66. So at one of these little shops I found these burlap sacks... 
Well, I found one... Will found the other. His plan for them was to hang them on the wall... Sorry honey... Not going on the wall. So what to do but of course make a pillow (because I need ANOTHER pillow right!?!) This was seriously the fastest & easiest pillow ever! 
I just did this one for today...
Here's one side- 
Here's the other-
Pretty cute huh!?!
Notice the cool stitching around the outsides, I wanted to keep that. It would've been cool to have the writing in the center of the pillow, but the cool stitching won. 
So, all I did was cut the burlap in half, 3 of the sides were already stitched, so I threw in some stuffing & hot glued the top seam shut. 
Seriously... 10 min... Easiest pillow ever! Oh & did I mention this one piece of burlap sack was only $10!! Even better! 
I think its a cute little accent piece! 
You can never have too many pillows right!?! And I have the top part of this one left too :)  
Thanks as always for looking! Love all your feedback & support!  Kelly :) 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Picture Framing Project

   Hi all!! I love how this project turned out, so of course I had to share!! 
 It actually turned out better than I was expecting, so that's always a plus!! It all started with this picture frame I saw at Hobby Lobby & fell in love with. I didn't know exactly what I was going to do with it yet, I had a few ideas in mind... but I had a spot for it, so that was a start. 
This is how it hung for about 2 weeks or so... 
I actually used it as a photo prop too... (Well, I tried!!) 
   Then when my mother in law came for a visit, I remembered she had bought an empty frame & did a burlap mat for it & then put a picture on top. So I asked how she did hers, the only difference was her picture was already mounted on a board. No big deal though! We went to Walmart where I printed out a 16x20 poster size print (my frame opening was 20x 24 & I wanted the matting to show around the border) Hey & this time I actually measured ahead of time, so no mess ups this time around!! Haha!
  Then while I was waiting for my picture, we were discussing what the best way to mount the picture to & the matting, etc. I wanted it to be pretty sturdy & not cheap looking or flimsy. I saw they had a 3pk of canvas (I think it was $6.97 & they just happened to be 16x20)... perfect!! I'll try it & I either a) have 2 extra's for another project or b) I have 3 chances in case I mess up! 
   So, I got my poster home & used spray adhesive to attach the picture to the canvas, just spray an even coat & apply picture. Then I let that sit for a couple days... The only reason I waited a couple days was I didn't have the color burlap I wanted (gray) and I didn't have a foam board big enough, so I had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby. 
   After I got my foam board cut to size, I cut the burlap leaving about an inch or so to wrap around for matting & hot glued it around the edge, pulling so its a little tight, I didn't want any slack! Also, the foam board I bought had a black side & a white side, I used the white side as my back side facing the wall. So you can choose however you like it best.
 Then I put that into the empty frame & added a bit of hot glue in the ridge of the frame just to make it a little more secure. It was pretty snug anyway, but you can never have too much hot glue! 
This is what ya got so far...
Then I centered my picture where I wanted it & I used a bit of hot glue around the edges. While I was at Hobby Lobby I also found these cute little guys...
And I thought, that'll dress it up a bit! 
So I put the tacks every 4 inches around the edge of the picture, like this.... 
  I think it added a nice touch :)  
Now, lets hope it doesn't fall off the wall!! Haha! Thanks for stopping by .... 
          Kelly :)