Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Burlap "LOVE" Pillow

  Remember this cute little thing??
From the chair transformation post... I told ya I was going to talk about the pillow later, So thats what Im going to do today...tell ya how I made the pillow. 
It was pretty easy really! I just took 3 pieces of burlap all the same size- whatever size you want, I didnt measure, I just wanted a cute little rectangle pillow. The reason I used 3 pieces of burlap is because I doubled it up in the front because I had white stuffing I didnt want to show through. So, I hot glued 2 of the pieces together (for the front part) then I glued the last piece of burlap to the double piece- ONLY 3 sides!! You have to leave a spot open for the stuffing! So, you then turn it inside out & you now almost have a pillow. I shouldve done the next step 1st, but I didnt & it still turned out just fine- I always do things the hard way!! 
I first put a piece of cardboard inside the pillow, so the paint wouldnt get on the back of the pillow, then I taped my stencils down how I wanted them & I used chalk paint to paint the letters. The same chalk paint I had left over from the chair & hutch project, so it all kinda ties together :) 
I also had flower stencils (sorry I didnt get a pic with those) but I didnt care for the way the bigger flower turned out...
I decided it needed a little embellishment- so I had a cute little white felt button thing I stuck in the middle of the flower & It was just the right fit :)
Anyway, after all is dry, peel off your tape & stencils, & stuff your pillow! After its how you like it, hot glue up that seam thats left & thats it! You are done! 
Here's a closer up where you can see the much better flower! I might add a little burlap bow to the top too, but thats all for now... Thanks for looking :) 
          Kelly :)

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