Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dining room update

  YIKES!! I am so behind on posting-its ridiculous!! There has been so much going on & Ive done a few more cute things I dont even know where to begin! Lets just say there's been alot of midnight painting going on at this house.
  So, first thing- more on my dining room... Its not finished yet, but its close! And I at least have a vision now of what I want... Im just hoping that vision I have in my head turns out all right! So today Ill just show what Ive done so far & then a final reveal when its all done... Which will be never- no just kidding! So here's another before:

I decided to paint stripes on the wall... I had leftover paint that was kind of a gray/green, so I thought lets go for it! And I absolutely love stripes, I knew it was going to be a little harder on these walls than my last house because of the texture, but it actually was a lot easier.. Thats always a plus :)
To do the stripes, I measured the wall & divided that by the number of stripes I wanted (so my wall height was 88" & I wanted 7 stripes- so each of my stripes were 12 & 1/2) 
**TIP: to do this a lot faster make sure you leave the top & bottom stripe the existing color of the wall** 
The picture shows how I left my top & bottom stripes the base color
The hardest part of doing the stripes was making sure they were level. I have no attention span or patience with all that technical stuff, so I was ready to be done with that step asap!
 Once I got it all taped off it went fast. Also, don't let the stripes fool you... The lighter stripes in my picture look smaller because of the way the tape is. Needless to say the husband just might walk in & say " those aren't even" - so be prepared!! 
Now the big question!! My plan was to do stripes on the two walls in the dining room, well I stopped at one & my husband didnt like it, so I pondered...
Here's after I took the tape off... I liked it with one wall, but I wasnt sure about doing both, I didnt want over-kill. I asked my facebook friends what they thought- WOW! I have such awesome friends I got so many positive responses... 
Stripes on both walls? Stripes on one wall? Most of my friends said leave it how it is... One wall- but it was when my friend Nancy said "paint the other wall the  color of the darker stripe" ... Why did I not think of that!?! I think all the paint is getting to me, either that or it was because it was midnight & I could no longer function- that was the lightbulb moment! So that's what I did... Painted the other wall darker. Thanks again Nancy & all my other friends for the input :) 
Now... Fast forward about 2 weeks
This is how it looks for now, I got the mirror hung back up, and also notice the light!! YAY! $39.96 at Lowe's... Not bad considering the one I really wanted was $119.00! YIKES!
 I decided to get rid of that particular hutch I had & that little make- shift table deal is not staying, I just threw that up there for a visual. 
And you'll have to stay tuned for the after... (Which hopefully wont be too long)
 Thanks again friends! 
      Kelly :) 

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