Monday, August 12, 2013

10 minute burlap pillow

  Hey friends!! I've been busy with more company this week & we've been running all over the place, so I havent had time to do many projects or blog! We have been out & done alot of shopping, so I had to share of course! There is a lot of cool shops in Amarillo, especially on old Route 66. So at one of these little shops I found these burlap sacks... 
Well, I found one... Will found the other. His plan for them was to hang them on the wall... Sorry honey... Not going on the wall. So what to do but of course make a pillow (because I need ANOTHER pillow right!?!) This was seriously the fastest & easiest pillow ever! 
I just did this one for today...
Here's one side- 
Here's the other-
Pretty cute huh!?!
Notice the cool stitching around the outsides, I wanted to keep that. It would've been cool to have the writing in the center of the pillow, but the cool stitching won. 
So, all I did was cut the burlap in half, 3 of the sides were already stitched, so I threw in some stuffing & hot glued the top seam shut. 
Seriously... 10 min... Easiest pillow ever! Oh & did I mention this one piece of burlap sack was only $10!! Even better! 
I think its a cute little accent piece! 
You can never have too many pillows right!?! And I have the top part of this one left too :)  
Thanks as always for looking! Love all your feedback & support!  Kelly :) 


  1. Kelly; love, love that pillow. Me, too, just bought a "potato sack/burlap" and it's long so will have to figure out what to do. Maybe a couple of pillows like yours--so cute! I shopped at Cath.Charity today on way home from Mattoon--and oh my gosh got some good junk to get going on; camera batteries dead; chargin' em up and picture some finds this week. Have a great week (love that pillow :) patty

    1. Thank you, Thank you Patty!! Im excited to see your new projects as well :) Thanks as always for stopping by & your feedback!! Kelly :)