Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Picture Framing Project

   Hi all!! I love how this project turned out, so of course I had to share!! 
 It actually turned out better than I was expecting, so that's always a plus!! It all started with this picture frame I saw at Hobby Lobby & fell in love with. I didn't know exactly what I was going to do with it yet, I had a few ideas in mind... but I had a spot for it, so that was a start. 
This is how it hung for about 2 weeks or so... 
I actually used it as a photo prop too... (Well, I tried!!) 
   Then when my mother in law came for a visit, I remembered she had bought an empty frame & did a burlap mat for it & then put a picture on top. So I asked how she did hers, the only difference was her picture was already mounted on a board. No big deal though! We went to Walmart where I printed out a 16x20 poster size print (my frame opening was 20x 24 & I wanted the matting to show around the border) Hey & this time I actually measured ahead of time, so no mess ups this time around!! Haha!
  Then while I was waiting for my picture, we were discussing what the best way to mount the picture to & the matting, etc. I wanted it to be pretty sturdy & not cheap looking or flimsy. I saw they had a 3pk of canvas (I think it was $6.97 & they just happened to be 16x20)... perfect!! I'll try it & I either a) have 2 extra's for another project or b) I have 3 chances in case I mess up! 
   So, I got my poster home & used spray adhesive to attach the picture to the canvas, just spray an even coat & apply picture. Then I let that sit for a couple days... The only reason I waited a couple days was I didn't have the color burlap I wanted (gray) and I didn't have a foam board big enough, so I had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby. 
   After I got my foam board cut to size, I cut the burlap leaving about an inch or so to wrap around for matting & hot glued it around the edge, pulling so its a little tight, I didn't want any slack! Also, the foam board I bought had a black side & a white side, I used the white side as my back side facing the wall. So you can choose however you like it best.
 Then I put that into the empty frame & added a bit of hot glue in the ridge of the frame just to make it a little more secure. It was pretty snug anyway, but you can never have too much hot glue! 
This is what ya got so far...
Then I centered my picture where I wanted it & I used a bit of hot glue around the edges. While I was at Hobby Lobby I also found these cute little guys...
And I thought, that'll dress it up a bit! 
So I put the tacks every 4 inches around the edge of the picture, like this.... 
  I think it added a nice touch :)  
Now, lets hope it doesn't fall off the wall!! Haha! Thanks for stopping by .... 
          Kelly :) 

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