Thursday, August 1, 2013

Company Coming :)

   Hi All! I havent had much time the past day or so to get much blogging done. Ive got company coming in so Ive been one busy gal. 
This is my garage at the moment...          Yikes!!!
  But hey, my house is clean & the fridge is stocked, so I guess thats the important part...who cares about the garage right!?! And my neighbor is having a rummage sale on Saturday & is kind enough to let me put stuff in with hers. (She probably saw my garage & thought Oh my...lets have a rummage! Ha!) So, Ive gotta get things priced as well. 
   My mother in law & brother in law are driving down to spend the weekend with us tomorrow, then next friday my mom & stepdad will be here! Im SUPER excited for visitors! 
   Ill show a few of my things Id been working on, now that I got them done.
First, remember those picture frames I got from my "Successful Saturday" post?
I paid $0.50 / piece for these :) 
I got it done... All I did was spray paint the frame & distress it a little, and then I painted the glass with chalkboard paint(spray paint also) Ive been wanting something to go in that spot :)
I also got Reese's chalkboard done...the plan was to put it on the wall behind this ones spot- 
Im getting rid of this one (hopefully at the sale) everytime she uses it she knocks it over- plus it takes up too much room. Well of course every project turns into a big ordeal & it didnt turn out that way! I ran to walmart real quick to get one of those poster board frames & of course, forgot to measure. So I called Will from Walmart & he measured for me- 26"- ok perfect, Ill get a 24x36 frame & Ill have an inch on each side to spare... Not! I forgot (until it already had the first coat of paint on it) thats the opening size... Not including the frame...Sheesh Kelly! I dont know how I function sometimes! So new plan... I was stuck with this one, sometimes those oopsy projects end up turning out better than planned. It actually turned out better here :)
Testing out the new spot... 
In this spot I actually had room to hang a basket with chalk on a cute little hook, plus it dressed up that bare wall just a bit.

  She's happy, Im happy :) 
I got a few other things done as well, Ill post those later, thats all for now :) 

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