Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Almost time!

  I had my 39 week dr appt today. They did an ultrasound to estimate how big our baby girl is getting. She is approx 8lbs 13ozs, above 90th percentile so they will go ahead & induce on Friday (they would've done it tomorrow but they were already full for inductions.) But she really doesnt think I'll make it until Friday! She also checked me today & I am dilated between a 3 & 4 & alot lower than last week. 
  Poor baby is so squished in there, she is running out of room. We didnt get very good pictures today because she's so squished. 
  You can kind of make out a little face on there. 
And one of my last belly pictures... 
I'm at a grand total of 21lbs, even though I feel a heck of a lot bigger than that! 

I cant believe little Everly will be here soon! Cant wait to hold her :) 

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