Saturday, July 27, 2013

Its the little things :)

   I figured out that Reese is freaked out by birds & ducks. Yesterday I took Reese to the little pond here in town to feed the ducks. We loaded up some bread- she was so excited!
The minute we got out of my van....
We were swarmed! Honestly I was a little freaked out too... I thought the little buggers were going to attack us! We had food! She threw one piece of bread & she was outta there! Haha! Then today we were waiting on my van to get an oil change & they had a bird there. This is as close as she got...
I was standing next to the cage taking the pic- lol! I think she was freaked out because it was one of those talking birds! So then she spotted a little picnic table they had in the waiting area & she thought she was pretty big stuff! 
Hey...whatever keeps em occupied right!
Then we got home & the pastor from our church brought us over a whole bunch of goodies from their garden... Yum! 
That was so generous of them to share :) 
Then when Will got off of work we headed to Amarillo to do a little shopping. Ive been on a mission for shoes for Reese, her feet have grown 2 sizes in 2 months... I hate spending money on shoes for her! Well what I mean is I hate how I find her a pair of shoes I love but they are $40 or something crazy like that & I know she's going to outgrow them in 10 minutes! I love buying her shoes, but not when I "have" to (like her toes are hanging off the edge "have" to) Ya know what I mean... I like deals! And today I got a deal!
Aren't these the cutest thing ever!?! And they were 40% off too...perfect! Now lets hope they're comfortable! Then Will was at his max of "2 store limit" so shopping trip = over...
 Tonight we played outside, Will is re-doing some of our landscaping, and our little helper always has to assist :)

She had her little shovel out & was helping play in the dirt... Then she helped us carry firewood

My little mini me... 

   Its the little things in life... Like the ducks, or the caring people who bring you vegetables from the garden, or even the little picnic table. I am feeling so blessed in my life right now, I cant explain it... Maybe since we've moved & Ive had more alone time, since I dont have any family or friends (like friends that Ive known for a long time) here, maybe that makes me appreciate those little things more, sure somedays get a little boring, but I do know Ill never get this day back so Im going to cherish all the little memories we had today :)  xoxo


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