Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Goodbye country red

  I LOVE Red! Absolutely LOVE it! But Im over it... Well in my kitchen & dining room anyway. Maybe I couldve lived with it if my walls werent green in the kitchen, but with my red stuff & the green walls- it didnt mix so well. And I really didnt want to repaint the kitchen! So, I found this great pattern I loved at World Market & based everything around it.
    I love how its a little more modern but yet still has an "Old World" feel to it. So I bought 2 placemats & 1 napkin (for the table). 
    Then my canisters... I love my canisters... And I didnt get them all that long ago so I really wanted to keep them. So, I spray painted the lids... I apologize I do not have a before pic, I was too caught up in the moment & forgot! (Ya know when the little ones napping its GO time!) So heres the after...
 They're the same canisters... Just different color lids. The color I used was Castle Rock... No primer- just unscrewed them & painted.
  Then my salt & pepper shakers... I was just going to buy new ones... Well forget that- I couldnt find anything that I was in love with & what I did find I liked was $20& up... Sorry not spending that on s&p shakers! So once again... Break out the spray paint...the color I used for these is called GLS Fern. 
  Heres the before...
  And the after...
These I did prime... There was a spray paint can of primer in the garage I found & since I figured these were going to get used more I decided to primer them first. After they were dry I did take my sanding block & scuff up a few of the edges... To add some character ;)
 Thats all for now...I have many more projects to post & work on! Thanks for looking :)

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