Friday, July 26, 2013

Chair Transformation

 Hi All! I just wanted to share this chair I got at a rummage sale for $1!!
Here's a side by side of the before & after... Just wait- it gets good!!

So I went home & slapped my chalk paint on it...
Bam- took me 10 min & done! But of course I wasnt satisfied with it... Too boring all one color & of course I have to make everything more difficult than it really needs to be! So I did this...
I stained the seat dark with my Java gel stain I had left over from my previous table project. I decided I didnt like it that dark...
So I stripped it... Sheesh what a mess- I shouldve just left it alone, but no... Live  & learn, right!?! So after the stripper did its thing I wiped it all down & put a lighter stain on it...
It was left in the garage... Its more of a medium honey color & matches all our doors & woodwork in the house. I put it on, let it sit a few, wiped it off, put another coat on, let it sit, etc. until I got the shade I was looking for. This regular stain is so different then the gel stain Im used to working with, its a lot more runny  & took a lot more coats to get the look I was going for. But, its done!! I used my polycrylic as well just on the seat for a little protection. It turned out like I was wanting, I just wish my little 3 step project didnt turn into 10, but hey! Thats how ya learn right :)
Here's the finished project...
Sorry my lightings not very good, I took the pictures in my garage at like midnight :/   Im really into this two toned look right now. And I like it with my table transformation! 
Ill show ya how I made that pillow next time!! 
Thanks for stopping by :) 

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