Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Goodbye More Red!

  This is part of my "goodbye country red" saga!! It is also the easiest (in my opinion) and laziest way to make a pillow

I LOVE LOVE LOVE TICKING!! Love it, always have, most likely always will. Ticking has been my one & only stuck with thru the years... Its classic & Its cozy. Anyway, this fabric I bought at Walmart, yep, Walmart... I usually try to support fabric stores & such, but I just "happened" to be in the craft isle & there it was, calling my name!! It was pretty cheap too, so that was even better :) 
   Ok, so next we'll talk about my sewing machine, my sewing machine is junk & Im sure its junk because of the person operating it. ME!! Well what happened is I somehow bent the needle & havent had the attention span to put a new one in. Plus Im not a great seamstress, my Home- Ec classes are long gone from my memory, yes I can sew a pillow & a button on... Thats about it! So, that being said, I wanted a pillow & I wanted it NOW!! But I was too lazy to mess with my sewing machine... Plus it was 11:00 at night! I do have some of that heat & bond tape stuff, but again, too lazy to get up off the floor in my craft room & get the iron. (I swear Im really not a lazy person, I am a very anxious person & when Im on a mission, Im on a mission!) So my trusty hot glue gun was already plugged in from another project Id been working on, so I thought, well what the heck!! So yep, thats what I did, I hot glued my pillow... Dont ask me how long it'll hold up, Im sure its not a lot different than that heat tape right!?! Well, I guess we shall see! 
So first I laid my pillow on top of my fabric & cut around it leaving about 2"of slack... I lined one edge up with the fold in the fabric so one side was already done & didnt need glued. Keeping my fabric lined up on the edges, I then ran my hot glue along one side of my fabric & pressed on it for about 30 seconds. **BEFORE you do this you want to make sure you have the outsides together*** so you are hot glueing the inside of the pillow because you turn it inside out!! Make sense?? 
In my case it did not matter because it was the same on front & back
So, I hot glue 2 sides... 1 side was the fold in the fabric, and you want to leave 1 side open to stuff your pillow in... 
It wont look pretty, but you wont see it anyway. Then turn the pillow right side out, & voila!! A beautiful seam! And no one will ever know ;) 
Then put your pillow in...
At this point you could flap it over & do a cute button or something also..I chose not to for this project...this part is just a little tricky, but not bad. You just have to tuck it in neatly now, because this is the edge that will show.
I work in small sections for this part...
Just tuck & spread the glue down in there & press. Bam! Done! Yay! 
Hope you enjoyed... Thanks for looking :) 

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