Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gender Reveal!!

  Im late of course posting this one & most of you know by now that we are having a girl, but with the holidays Ive been busy & I couldnt announce it on my blog.

So, on Dec 2nd we had an appointment for an ultrasound & the results... GIRL!! 

If you've read my past posts y'all know that I took one of those "Intelligender" over the counter tests, well it was wrong ( unless the ultrasound tech is wrong, we'll see.) But as I said when I took that test. Im not holding my breath on the results, I honestly shouldn't have wasted my money, but my curiosity got the best of me. My advice for the future, dont waste the money...

Anyway...back to the ultrasound... 
This was our baby at 17 weeks... 

The funny thing is I was dying to know with this one what we were having... Deep down I really thought it was a girl, but since I took that silly test & it said boy I was all confused! So when she said girl, I wasnt at all shocked or surprised, I was like "what!?!" I knew I was right!! Silly test!
Its still a little early to tell, but I think she already looks like Reese :) 
The plan was we were going to put the gender reveal in our Christmas cards, but we told our families & friends they had to wait until Christmas to find out what we were having. I was dying to tell & it was SO hard not to slip!! But we did it! We pulled it off & it was a great surprise... Especially because most thought it was a boy! 
So here's what our Christmas cards looked like...

And then we had to make some fun for Reese with it. So this is how we told her... 

She had fun playing with the balloons, even though she doesnt know what they mean :)

Now... Let the name battle begin!! 

Kelly :)

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