Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Shopping

Ok so here's my little rant for the day... Everyone is talking about boycotting certain stores for being open on Thanksgiving day... Im sorry but there's alot of people out there who dont mind working a holiday (I was one!) There are people that like the extra money & overtime or time & 1/2- some places pay double time if you work on a holiday. 
Keep in mind that the holidays aren't just a merry, jolly time for everyone! Some people dont have anywhere to go or any family around ( I spent one Thanksgiving at a bar because I didnt have anything else to do) 
Did you know the suicide rate is the highest this time of year? Because people get down that they dont have anyone, some people all they have is what they consider their "family" at work. 
 And whats also funny is bars & restaurants are open on holidays, & have been for years! Do you see people boycotting them? Nope! How many people go out to eat on Thanksgiving?? Even on the classic movie The Christmas Story they went to a restaurant (I know its just a movie, but really look how many restaurants are open on Thanksgiving!) 
Our grocery store was always open on Thanksgiving (they closed at noon & opened back up later) Did anyone boycott it? Nope, in fact there were alot of people getting things they forgot. 
I know several people that make it a tradition to go to movies on Thanksgiving night. And whats ironic is one person I know says "I just cant believe stores are open, thats just ridiculous!" Is also one that goes to movies on holidays!  So whats the difference?!? 
 Police officers, firefighters, gas stations, & anyone in the medical field has had to work holidays since forever & its funny how no one says anything about that, in fact police officers are usually the busiest on holidays because of domestics. 
How many people in the military cant be with their families? Or cant be home? 
My husband has to work Sundays sometimes, and no one blinks an eye at that. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, the Sabbath day, a day to rest & reflect on the Lord. Look at all the places open on Sundays, Im guilty, I shop on Sundays. Look at all the people that would rather be home with their families on Sundays. I would trade & have my husband work Thanksgiving to be home with us every weekend instead. 
Maybe we should all start boycotting stores on Sundays, then they'll start closing so people can spend time with their families then. Will that ever happen? Doubt it. 
I think its great that Hobby Lobby closes on Sundays, so their employees can spend time with their families. 
I am not a heartless person, I do feel sorry for those who have to work, I guess I just dont understand why all of a sudden this year everyone's ranting about places being open, when people have had to work for years. 
Do I plan on shopping on Thanksgiving Day? No, because I have family here to cook for, my shopping is almost done & what I do have left isnt anything that cant wait until later... 
My point is people really need to quit being so judgemental, & "throwing rocks" or stones or whatever it is. Everyone needs to step back & look at the big picture, everyone has a different story & circumstances.
 Just remember if you do go out shopping, maybe that cashier or waitress, or whoever is a lonely woman who doesnt have a family, maybe they lost their spouse & dont have any children & they would enjoy working instead of sitting at home by themselves. Maybe by having a conversation with them could make their day.  
However those that do "have" to work, that would rather be somewhere else, Im sorry for that. 
Now that Ive spoke my piece of mind, I hope you all have a safe & Happy Thanksgiving, no matter if your at home with your family, at a bar, or have to work.... And instead of taking one day or one month out of the year to be thankful, how bout count your blessings everyday :)