Wednesday, November 6, 2013

13 Weeks

   Whew! I made it... 13 weeks! First trimester is done! I had a dr appointment today & I swore after this appt I would calm down a little bit & try not to worry so much! Easier said than done. Ive only been going 2 weeks between appointments right now, but it has felt like an eternity! You never know how much hearing that little heartbeat means until there isnt one to hear. 
I nearly spun myself into an anxiety attack at the drs office today waiting (and I had to wait forever today too!) I know, I know, worrying doesnt help matters either, but have you ever tried not to worry about something? Ya... Worry is my middle name! 
Then, the little gal that took my blood pressure & stuff tried to listen first (Im guessing she was a nurse, but looked very young) she couldnt find anything... Ok dont freak out Kelly, I couldnt fight back the tears, I knew it, I knew something was wrong. Then she said "oh do you hear that" "oh its moving around alot in there"  No, No I dont hear it... I dont understand all the different noises, it all sounds like static to me, how do you know its not gas? Maybe my lunch digesting? 
So FINALLY my doctor came in & she found it almost immediately- WHEW! I have never been so relieved! The babys heartbeat was 164. Now that I am 13 weeks my risk for miscarriage decreases huge & so Im really hoping I can relax a little bit now! 
My dr has been so wonderful & supportive with me through all of this, Im so glad I found her, she is so understanding about everything. She always gives hugs (Ive never had a dr hug me ever, let alone every appt) and maybe thats the whole "southern way" and she says she's praying for me, such a sweet sweet lady! 
Other than that not much has changed in the last 2 weeks, I havent had too much for cravings. Im hungry all the time, but nothing really sounds good. Ive been making alot of soup (the cooler weather might have something to do with that though) 
Now watch this kid will be my picky eater, Reese, she'll eat just about anything-always has-  especially healthy. Maybe its because thats all Ive ever given her. I ate everything when I was pregnant with her, and I mean everything! I didnt care if it was healthy or not! 
Ive been sick about 3-4 times a week, always in the morning when Im brushing my teeth. Im still totally clueless as to what this baby's sex is, we should find out in about a month though :) 
Ok so Ill post this pic, but I need to do a retake or practice taking better selfies, because I dont think this is good at all, but it'll do for now... 
My 13 week bump... 

Thats all I have for now! Thank you to everyone who has said a little prayer for us, it really means the world! Ive also met some pretty amazing people in the past couple months & I just know that it was all part of Gods plan, he wanted us here for a reason! Its just so amazing just to see it all fall into place! ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

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