Friday, November 1, 2013

Gender Prediction Test

  Ive been SO anxious since we've found out we were pregnant to find out the sex of the baby. With Reese I didn't want to know, I thought it would be fun to be surprised (but we found out, my husband couldnt wait!) 
 But not this time around! Im counting down the days until we can find out! I honestly do not care either way, I am just so blessed to even have another child- I really really didnt think we would have anymore. 
 So for fun I bought one of those over the counter gender prediction kits...
Im not holding my breath on this thing, because really its a 50/50 chance... The reviews were mixed on it, some said it worked everytime, others said dont waste your money. I thought it would be fun to see if it was right or not! 
Oh & I guess you want to know what it said huh!?! Well I followed the directions EXACTLY how it said & it said BOY!! 
 Also, the chinese gender chart (I know some people who SWEAR by it & let me just tell ya- it said boy with Reese too & look how accurate that was!) 
So I've got 2 boy results now, like I said I dont care either way, and I havent rushed out & started buying boy stuff yet either. Ill wait & see what my next ultrasound says ;) 
How about any of you? Ever did the gender test? And was it right? 

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