Thursday, November 14, 2013

14 weeks

~* 14 weeks*~ 

  Well Ive relaxed alot more this week, maybe because Im out of my 1st trimester. I am 14 weeks & 1 day, the baby this week is the size of a naval orange (4&1/2" & weighs about 2-3oz.)        I've still been feeling really good, starting to get more energy back! I actually got all my Christmas stuff out, so Ill be posting pics of that soon :) 
  I still have no idea what the sex of the baby is, we find out Dec 2nd though, and then I'll get another ultrasound again right before Christmas, so hopefully we'll be able to tell in one of those! I have done about every gender predictor- wives tale test out there (just for fun) I havent ran out & bought anything yet because I really dont believe any of them. My husband says why do you even waste your time then... I dont know, I guess just to see how they work, who knows, Its something pregnant women do to pass the time? I dont know. 
  So far here's my results....
1) Chinese gender chart...Boy
2) Intelligender test.... Boy
3) String test... Girl
4) Baking Soda test.... Boy, then Girl
(1st time I did it, boy result, then used 1st morning urine, girl result) 
5) Skull Theory (yes, they say if you look at the sonogram pic & if the skull is more round, its girl, if its wider & flatter, boy) Can you really even tell at this point?? Ya got me!! 
  My mom also talked to a psychic like a year or so ago & she said that her daughter would have 2 girls... So, we'll see who/what is right! 
  Anyway, cravings havent been much different, I have really been in the mood for grilled cheese with pizza sauce on it, Ive eaten a few of those this week. Buffalo Mac & Cheese (homemade Mac & Cheese with Frank's Red Hot) thats been one if my favs this week too. Other than that, not a whole lot of anything has changed.
 Here is this weeks bump picture, again I never like pics of me, but if I dont keep it here "on my journal" then Ill forget so here it is... 
I think Im about the size here that I was with Reese at 17 weeks, which Ive heard with each one you show earlier or more or something like that...
That is all for now, thank you for reading :) 


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