Friday, November 22, 2013

Elmo cake

  My little girl loves Elmo & Abby, we had a birthday party for her when we went back to IL & I had a cake made for her for that. 
Since her actual birthday was just at home with the 3 of us, I wanted her to have a cake on her actual birthday, but didnt want to go out & buy another cake. 
So, I decided I'd try & make her an Elmo cake! 
I scoped out Pinterest for ideas & found nothing helpful. Any tutorial I found that I had in mind had to use an Elmo cake pan & I didnt want to mess with that, so I decided to free-hand it. 
It turned out pretty good considering I was winging it, but if I made it a second time I think it would turn out much better. I'll share with ya how I did it & what I would do different next time. Keep in mind I have no cake decorating skills what-so-ever, so dont laugh! 
Here is the final product... 
Ok so here's how I did it, first I just bought a box cake mix, I made it according to the directions & first poured 3 cupcakes full of batter, then the rest in a 9x13 pan & baked as directed. Here's my cupcakes...
I frosted 2 of them with the frosting out of the jar, then I took a little spoonful & mixed it with red & yellow food coloring to make orange for the nose...
You only need a little bit. 
Then I took the 9x13 cake & just cut around the edges to round the corners..

Then, I messed up, I iced the cake with the white frosting, next time I will make it red before I ice the cake (duh!) 
Then I drew on the mouth & the eyes with the black icing (sorry I didnt take a picture, it comes in a can with different tips in the baking aisle at Walmart) I believe its just called decorators icing. I havent ever used it before & I wasnt real impressed with it either (could be operator error- haha) but no, It was pretty greasy stuff! 
Luckily I had bought red too, so I had that for back up, so I spread it all around until I ran out & then just smoothed it out with a knife
Why I didnt just use the red food coloring... Because y'all know me! I cant get through a project without messing something up!! 
But after I got it all smooth it turned out decent, so it worked & of course she loved it!! 
If you look at where I wrote her name you can see the oils from that icing, that just shows ya how much oil is in that stuff... Yuck! 

So, here's what I would do next time: 
1) I would make my cupcakes bigger, Elmo's eyes & nose need to be bigger! 
2) I would color my frosting before I put it on the cake! 
3) I wasnt impressed with that frosting in a can. Again, could be me, I like the way the mouth turned out, but the way her name turned out I wasn't impressed with the way the oils came out around it. 
And maybe it would help if I had an ounce of cake decorating skills- haha! 
Anyway, that's all for now! Thanks for reading!! 
Kelly :) 

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