Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kitchen Plans

   Hope you all are doing good! Im in the middle of tearing apart my kitchen, but before I get to the good stuff I want to show what I have planned for this kitchen. 
  First off... The Island! 
I know, I know... "What's wrong with it?!?" 
Nothing is "wrong" with it... Its me- I'm crazy! (I know that's really what people think when I say I want to get rid of it.) I would just rather have something with drawers & cabinets for more storage is all.
So the plan... Hopefully move it out in one piece & design a new one :)
(Oh & to do this without spending any or much money because I dont have a job remember- haha!) 

Next off... Paint the cabinets! 

Like I had mentioned in my previous post- too much oak. I just LOVE white cabinets. I know some people cringe at the thought of painting beautiful wood, but this just isnt me. 

The hardware! 
I know I mentioned this in my previous post as well... But these had to go! 
And actually I was talking to my mother & father in law the other day about our kitchen & they had their old cabinet hardware that they gave to me... Cant beat FREE!! By the way, have you priced hardware lately?!? Good grief, I was trying to go cheap & they were still $3 & something for one! The ones I really liked were $5 or $7 or something like that, but there is no way! I needed 37 of them! Luckily my inlaws had 38 & they just happened to be the same size I needed.... Its my lucky day :) 

And lastly... The pantry! 
Im excited about this part! Well Im excited about it all, but I know how the other part will turn out- its a "been there, done that" kinda project since I've painted my kitchen cabinets before. 
Anyway! Ive got a visual in my mind how I want this to turn out, so hopefully it works! 
The pantry is the recessed area of cabinets. Unfortunately the first door is just a furnace closet.
I've decided I want that to look like a built in piece of furniture, like a hutch. So my plan is to either... 
A) take off the upper cabinet doors & leave an open space up there for glass, pretty dishes to display, etc. That will be the cheapest way... 
B) is to take out the top panel of the big doors & add glass. If I can do it myself or find someone that will for a reasonable cost I will do that, we shall see. 

Either way this whole set of cabinets will be stained dark... Not painted white like my cabinets. My goal is to make it look like an antique hutch. 

I'll keep ya posted!! 

Kelly :) 

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