Sunday, August 31, 2014

New house- phase 1... Kitchen

            Hey all! 
   We got moved in our new house last Friday & I've been busy getting everything unpacked, which has gone surprisingly well with the two little ones. 
   My mom came down for a visit this weekend & I wasn't planning on tackling any projects just yet (I was wanting to get everything organized before I made more messes) because chaos makes me crazy! BUT... She was willing to watch the little ones day & night while I worked away trying to get the majority of it done while she was here. So I decided lets do this & tore right into it! 
   Our new house doesn't need alot... Mostly just paint & I want to update a few odds & end things (well let me rephrase that... Does anything I ever do a NEED!?!)  Im just not happy unless I can redo something ;) 
   Anyway... So the first thing... Kitchen! The cabinet color just wasnt appealing to me & I knew I wanted to change it first. 
The quality of these pictures are not so great... 
The countertops look a little green in the pictures, but they are actually more of a creme & brown. 
Thats better! 
There is alot of oak going on in here... 
Some of the oaks dont match either :( 
Oh & the hardware!! 😁 No offense if anyone has this, its just not my style... At all... Lets get a close up of these babies!! 
However, one mans junk is another mans treasure... I sold these the next day on craigslist to a nice lady that may have big plans to make them pretty :) Who woulda thought!?! 
Figuring out my paint samples :)          Whatever you do always pick your color at home! And DO NOT I repeat DO NOT even attempt to look at paint samples at the store after you have chose your color at home!! TRUST ME! You'll go crazy, you will second guess your color choice & you will want to change your mind again & again. I have FINALLY learned after several hundred paint cans (probably more than that actually, I have painted ALOT in my lifetime) take the time to do this step! 
I am THRILLED with my paint color I chose for the cabinets. Im so thrilled with it I walked off & left my paint sample at the paint counter... But you'll see it soon enough :) 
Cant wait for that!! 

Kelly :) 

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