Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Knock On Wood!

   Well... I should have just knocked on wood... My last post... (which was forever ago now-trust me I know my blog has been abandoned!) My last post was about Texas, how we loved it here, etc.etc. Well a few weeks back my husband was offered a job in Illinois around the Springfield area (actually it was July 15th- 2 days after we had got back from vacation up there visiting family & friends) It would have been just a bit more convienient if we had known about the move when we were up there visiting but ya know... Whats another 14 hours one-way in the car with a 2 year old & a newborn- ha! Actually they are really good travelers, but its no fun for anyone being in a car that long. 

So we turned around about a week later & headed back up to Illinois to house hunt. 
We looked at 21 houses in a day & a half.
It didnt quite work out as well as when we moved to Texas. When we were house hunting here we were both pretty sure from the pictures on the internet which house we wanted & when we came to look sure enough it was the one! Well... This time around we thought we had the one, well when we looked at "the one" it just wasnt the one. So back to the drawing board.... 
We weren't expecting to look at so many houses, but we just weren't having any luck. Finally we found one we liked... Well my husband liked. I liked it, but I wasn't in love... Ya know the feeling of "ya know when you know" I didnt have that excited, oh my gosh this is it! You get the idea....
We left the house he liked & still had one more to look at. My stomach was in knots... He was like "no this house is perfect, lets just make an offer, we've looked at tons of houses lets just buy this one," etc... 
Until we got to "our" house... The LAST & final of 21 houses. I LOVE the cape cod style of houses, but the pictures on the listing did not do it any justice at all! I never would have guessed it was as nice on the inside as it is. There are a few things Im going to do to it (of course, right?!?)  So here's a sneak peek... 
Its just the perfect house for us! All of the houses we looked at were either WAY too big or "if this one just had a toyroom or a den..." It was one extreme or the other. 
We are going to miss Texas dearly. We have been so blessed here & have met so many amazing people, but we do also know the importance of being close to family, so it is bittersweet. But just as when we moved here it seems like this is the path that God has chosen for us, it has all fallen into place. 
So... Stay tuned for the good stuff! 

Kelly :)

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