Monday, December 9, 2013

Almost 18 weeks!

How are y'all? Im a little behind, but Im almost to 18 weeks now. We found out last monday what the gender was but we arent telling yet!! I know, dont hate me! Im DYING to tell, but we know how we want to reveal it, so not too much longer & I'll share! And hopefully I dont slip along the way! So, here's my latest bump pics...
I really hate "selfies" but its about all I got right now... 
My husband did take this one... 
So, at 18 weeks the baby is the size of a mango (6" & weighs about 1/2lb) 
The heartbeat at my last appt was 143.
My cravings have been Monicals (and of course we dont have them down here) so watch out Monicals when I get back to IL!! Your going to have one hungry pregnant girl ready to eat!! And POP! Oh my what I wouldnt do for a big fat coke! Or cherry coke! I havent & wont have any though- I dont know why, Im just a freak about it I guess. I never had any caffeine with Reese & she's a pretty good, laid back kid, & I just know if I have it with this one it'll be all hyper & spazzy! Haha! The things I worry about! 
Ive gained about 6-7 pounds so far (thats according to my scale) 
I will post pics of our ultrasound as soon as I can! We got so many pictures from this last ultrasound & they are the 3D/4D, they are really great!! 
Its hard to believe Im almost halfway done already! 
Gosh I guess that is all I got for now! 
Thanks for reading... 

Kelly :)


  1. You look adorable Kelly. Congratulations a little late!

  2. Aww thanks Deborah! I hope your doing great! Merry Christmas!!