Thursday, December 12, 2013


  Now that Ive got all my shopping & wrapping done, (yes done! I have never been done this early- ever!!) I can concentrate on sharing my decor & fun projects Ive been doing. Here's some pictures of my "mantel." 
That little wire wreath that I hung on the mirror is for my Christmas card display. 
I love that thing! It is the greatest for displaying cards! 
Our stockings with each of our letters on them... The "B" at the end is for baby... 
Its kind of ironic I bought that "B" stocking last year after Christmas for my stepdad (Bill) and I was going to try & find one of my mom with a "T" on it. I did find one with a "G" on it though (for grama) or Grohler. They always stayed at our house & we did Christmas Eve there. Mom always just brings all the stockings with her when they visit, so I was in the process of buying stockings for everyone, then we moved & I obviously wont be having Christmas at my house! Anyway, so this year I have two extra stockings.... a "B" (for Baby, or Boy) & a "G" (for girl) funny how that worked out! So for now I just have the "B" hanging for baby, because ya know we still arent telling the gender ;) 

I have been on the hunt for new stockings too, Either mine needs to be a different color, or Reese's... hers looks funny being the only cream one. I found some in a magazine I LOVED and they were personalized, but yikes- $35 a piece!! I may make some, not that I'll have anytime to do that in the near future! 

And remember my cute little dresser I got (yes its been about 3 months ago now)
That is going under my mantel if I ever get it finished! Its about halfway done now, but it got cold & I dont like to paint in the garage when its too cold. So Im probably going to have to bring it in the house & paint it...Maybe after Christmas!!
More projects to share later today!!! 

Kelly :) 

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