Friday, December 13, 2013

Some Fun Ornaments

  Hope you're all doing well & getting ready for Christmas! I just love the way my house looks at Christmas, I really wish my house could feel as cozy & warm all year long with all the lights & the candles & all the decor! For some reason Christmas lights & all the cozy things dont go over so well when its 100 degress outside & all you want to do is stay cool. 
  This year I've had a little "elf" helping me all along the way, she even wants to help wrap presents & thats always interesting to see what she comes up with! 
               (My little elf) 
 I swear she is the best kid ever! She has never (not even last year when she was one either) touched the tree, unless I told her to help, she did help me put on some of the bottom ornaments. She has not touched one single wrapped present under the tree! I have to admit I was a little nervous putting wrapped presents under the tree so early (my tree has been up since mid nov.) I thought for sure she would be trying to unwrap or at least carry around the presents, nope! Not at all! Now this #2 that comes along, I'm sure it'll be a whole different story!! 
Anyway, so this year she helped me make her Christmas list ornament. Last year I did it in red ... 
I just took a glue pen & wrote the year & some polka dots, sprinkled with glitter & put her list inside. I had a pad of aged looking paper so I like to use that to give it a vintage look. 
This year Reese wanted to put the glitter on...she picked green :) Lets just say there will be glitter in the playroom for the rest of my life! 
She also wanted to help make her list, so I let her draw & we put that in her ornament too. It'll be cute to look back at her scribbles someday :) 
Tie it up with some red raffia & done!  
Last year I made a salt dough ornament with her handprint. I saw the picture on Pinterest, ours turned out pretty good considering when I tried to make her handprint she wanted to squish her hand all around! 
Im sure you've all seen these around... This year instead of doing the salt dough ornaments I bought a plaster ornament & Im going to modge podge her picture on it (Ill show that later.) We're taking her to see Santa today, so if that picture turns out good Ill use that one! 

Kelly :)

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