Friday, June 6, 2014

One year already!!

Wow! Has it really been a year already!?! 

Today marks my (I say my because Will was here a couple weeks before me) one year anniversary of moving to Texas. We have been so blessed to meet so many wonderful, caring people- total strangers who have gone out of their way & now have become forever friends. We have a wonderful church that we absolutely LOVE... Great neighbors that we've become close to that treat our children like their own grandchildren & we have been blessed with another beautiful baby girl. Sure its hard being away from family, & we left alot of great friends as well... we moved here without knowing a single person or really anything about the town. Our marriage has grown stronger, my faith has grown stronger, I feel like Im a better wife & mom, I feel like Ive stepped away from the negativity in my life & focused more on the positive. Thank you God for bringing us here... And thank you Texas for being so good to us! 


  1. Can't wait for you to be back in Illinois. Miss you!

    1. Did you hear we were moving back Angie??