Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our Elsa Bucket

Hope you are all doing great! 

     I've been busy getting the girls Halloween costumes ready... 

         Reese is going to be Elsa from Frozen (of course right?!? Im pretty sure about every little girl I know is obsessed with Frozen right now) 
          And our little Evie is going to be Olaf the snowman (more on that later) 
         So this little bucket I made for "Elsa" was pretty easy & VERY CUTE! 

     So all I did was buy a $2.00 little bucket from Hobby Lobby (I     
    couldnt find one that was already white, so I bought a metal        
      one & spray painted it) 

      I bought some glittery tulle ribbon & some silver glittery      
      ribbon. A girl can't have too much glitter right?!? 
      I also bought a couple sheets of glitter scrapbook paper. If you        
      have glitter & paper at home & want to make it that way, thats an      
      option too. It was around $1.50/sheet & alot less messy! (Optional depending on how you want to decorate it) 

      After I got the bucket spray painted & dry, I simply just used       
     my hot glue gun & working in small sections, lay out a strip of    
     glue & placed the ribbon on accordian style I call it.

I did about 4 layers & then placed       
        a few random pieces here & there...

Then around the top I glued down   
       the silver ribbon. Now you have a "tutu bucket" as Reese    
       calls it :) 

   You can frill it up however you     
        I've seen some on Pinterest & Etsy that were personalized. 

I used my snowflake punch & cut    
       out snowflakes & glued them randomly here & there & along the top. 

Then the final touch...
     I took Reese's Frozen hairbow that she already had & clipped it    
     on the handle. You could just get some ribbon & tie a simple bow   
      also. Either way is cute! 

I love the way it turned out & she's 
     pretty excited about it too :) 
She made a great Elsa 💝

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