Friday, April 25, 2014

37 weeks

  Hey all! As of right now I am over 37 weeks & counting down the days until miss Everly makes her appearance. 
  I'm pretty sure I've gained all my weight in my tummy this time...20lbs so far... No swelling though like when I had Reese (I gained close to 50 with her!) And my poor ankles & toes... 
This was what my feet looked like with Reese... Yikes! 
   The baby this week is (average) the size of a watermelon. When we had our sonogram about a week ago our baby was approx 6lbs 15oz. So we will do a repeat sono in about a week & a half (she said if Im still pregnant) and see how big she is then. If she is in the 90th percentile I will be induced. 
   My doctor appt this week I was 30% effaced, almost 2 cm dialated, & baby was at a -3 station. 
  Here's a little diagram I found about "stationing." I was never told with Reese what station I was at. -3 station just means the babies head is pushing down on my cervix & causing it to dialate. 
  And a picture of our baby last week.., 
  Its not a great picture, its a picture of a picture, so it's a little blurry... But she looks like Reese in her sonogram picture :) 
  And now... My big belly! (My husband says my belly is bigger this time) 
I wasnt ready for the picture & this is the only one he got... But ya get the idea ;) These were taken on Easter, I was trying to get Reese to come over & get in the picture with me, but that didnt happen! 
I did get a few of her though :) 

Isnt she adorable?!? 
Haha! Dont let her fool ya... I had to bribe her to get her to pose :) 

  Anyway! Ive about got everything wrapped up in the nursery, so I'll be posting pictures of that soon. Ive got two more things I'm waiting on before its complete & they should be here any day. I tell ya... I think I've forgotten how much stuff such a little baby needs! It has been fun buying some new stuff, & its crazy how much things have changed in just 2 &1/2 years since I had Reese. 
  Til next time 💝 

Kelly :) 



  1. Love you! Can't wait to meet Everly!

    1. I guess I need to pay more attention to my comments on here Sherrie! I never saw this one :( Love you too!