Saturday, March 15, 2014

Maternity Pics

  We just got a sneak peek of our maternity pics & I wanted to share! Im SO excited how they turned out!! Our photographer is AMAZING! Not only does she take great pics & is great with Reese, the color & quality of her pictures are great! When I got back Reese's 2 year pictures I just couldnt believe how bright & clear the quality was! Pam you are WONDERFUL!! 
 My main concern was to get Reese to cooperate, she's at the stage where she doesnt want me to take her picture, but she did great! We told her if she did good she would get a treat... So what does she pic? McDonalds apples!! Haha! Hey, whatever works! My good little eater :)
 My favorite is the one where she's kissing my belly! Cant wait to get them displayed in the nursery!!
Thanks as always for looking & I really am trying to post all my new projects... I promise soon!!! 

Kelly :) 

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